Make better decisions across your org

Unify data, securely share it with decision-makers, and let them run in-depth analyses—without writing a line of code.

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating



Unify your data

In other systems, data is an afterthought. Rippling places it at the center of everything. The Employee Graph unifies data from across all your applications using a common data model.



Organize your data

You can easily pull reports from your data just by pointing and clicking, or handle more advanced computations with Excel-like formulas. No SQL or data analysts needed.



Govern access automatically

Role-based permissions limit visibility based on attributes like level. If you share a report with someone, Rippling populates it with the data they have access to—and no more.


Give every function the reports it needs


Canned reports holding you back? Build custom no-code reports.

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Add any variable

Select variables from Rippling and third-party applications to build your report.

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Calculate it

Calculate and combine multiple pieces of data with Excel-like formulas.

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Filter it

See your data the exact way you want to by filtering it in endless different ways.


Grant everyone reporting capabilities without giving up control

Rippling uses role-based permissions, automatically changing the scope and access of an employee’s data based on attributes like reporting line and department.

Allow decision-makers to fish for themselves…

Every employee has a report builder, letting them proactively run reports on any data within their scope. For example, managers can measure their hiring efforts without asking for Recruiting's help.


…without ever sharing data they shouldn’t see

If you share a report with someone who doesn’t have the same permissions, the report will only show data they're allowed to see. If their permissions change, the data in their reports will automatically update, too.

Schedule shared reports using workflows

Rippling makes it easy to share reports with the right people at the right time. Simply set a workflow to repeat on schedule and then choose "Send a report" as your workflow action.


Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates and install one in seconds. You can use our templates out-of-the-box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Rippling support Workforce Management?

While most Human Capital Management (HCM) or Identity & Access Management (IAM) software products can enable basic reporting on HR or IT metrics, Rippling’s reporting tools enable analysis across everything you need for Workforce Management (WFM). Rippling helps you to manage the productivity and efficiency of your workforce by seamlessly bringing together data from HR, IT, Finance and Operations.

What types of analysis are available out of the box?

Rippling has hundreds of pre-configured reporting recipes designed to get you started including People Analytics and Workforce Analytics on full time or hourly workers. Rippling also has recipes for reports on devices, access, spend, compensation, time off, and more, all available for customization.

How is data shared securely within Rippling?

Admins within Rippling create permission profiles to determine which employees or groups of employees can have access to data. When a report is shared, only data approved for the permission profile will be visible. Permission profiles are dynamic based on a user's role, and will update if their role changes.

Who can conduct analysis?

Rippling does not charge for viewer or editor licenses: any Rippling user can run reports and analyses through the lens of their permission profile.

See Rippling in action

Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.