Security & Data Protection

Your data is secure with Rippling

Security Overview

Security starts with trust

We know your data is sensitive. That’s why we combine enterprise- grade security features with regular audits to ensure that you’re always protected.



We ensure Rippling meets industry-standard compliance.

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We use industry best practices to provide Rippling’s services.

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We ensure every Rippling employee is vetted and trained.

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App & development

Our product is built with security and quality top of mind.

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We comply with global data protection and security frameworks

SOC 1 Type ll

Rippling’s SOC 1 Type 2 report covers 11 different control areas from information security and operations to changement management and payroll processing, and is audited annually.

SOC 2 Type ll

Rippling's SOC 2 Type 2 report covers the trust services categories of Security, Confidentiality, and Availability, and is audited annually.


Rippling's SOC 3 report is a publicly available version of our SOC 2 that covers the same trust services criteria. Download our SOC 3 here.

CSA STAR Level 2

We ensure policies, processes, and controls comply with CCPA requirements, and have even built CCPA employee notices directly into our software.

ISO 27001 Certified

Rippling's ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to operating a mature security program.

ISO 27018 Certified

Rippling's ISO 27018 certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting personal information of our customers.

Data & Infrastructure Security

We're built to secure your most sensitive data

Secure infrastructure provider

We host all of our data in physically secure, U.S.-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities that include 24/7 on-site security, camera surveillance, and more.

Data encryption in transit & at rest process

All data sent to or from Rippling is encrypted using TLS, and all customer data is encrypted using AES-256.

Data redundancy and resiliency

Rippling’s infrastructure has been designed to be fault tolerant. All databases operate in a cluster configuration and the application tier scales using load balancing technology that dynamically meets demand.

Strict access controls

Access to all Rippling systems is managed through our identity provider, which automates user provisioning, enforces 2FA, and logs all activity.

Server security and monitoring

All servers are configured using a documented set of security guidelines, and images are managed centrally. Changes to the company’s infrastructure are tracked, and security events are logged appropriately.

Personnel Security

We hold our employees to the highest standards

Formal security policies and incident response plan

Rippling maintains a set of comprehensive security polices that are kept up to date to meet the changing security environment. These materials are made available to all employees during training and through the company’s knowledge base.

Strict onboarding and offboarding process

Every new hire must pass a thorough background check and attend a “Legal and Security” training course, as well as an InfoSec training course once a year. We instantly disable departing employee’s devices, apps, and access during offboarding via Rippling’s IDM and MDM products.

Continuous security training

The Rippling Security Team provides continuous education on emerging security threats, performs phishing awareness campaigns, and communicates with employees regularly.

Office security

Rippling manages visitors, office access, and overall office security via a formal office security program.

App & Development

Our developers keep security top of mind

Penetration testing and bug bounties

We regularly run internal pen tests and partner with reputable security firms to run external pen tests. Additionally, our bug bounty program allows anyone to test our system and report bugs.

Application monitoring and protection

All app access is logged and audited. We also use a wide variety of solutions to quickly identify and eliminate threats, including a Web App Firewall (WAF) and Runtime App Self Protection Agent (RASP).

Development and change management process

Code development is done through a documented SDLC process, and every change is tracked via GitHub. Automated controls ensure changes are peer-reviewed and pass a series of tests before being deployed to production.

Third-party vendor security review process

We ensure that all of our third-party apps and providers meet our security data protection standards before using them.


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Rippling has an A+ BBB Rating

As of 5/14/2023