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Time tracking that gives you time back

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Plug time straight into payroll

Automatically track employees’ hours from clock-in to paycheck—no more manual data entry, syncing issues, or late approvals from supervisors.

Employee clock-in

Employees can clock in and out in seconds using a tablet kiosk, our mobile app, or their computers.

Review and approve hours

Approved hours instantly sync with payroll. You can even review time cards right inside each pay run.

Run payroll

Run payroll in just 90 seconds. No more spreadsheets. No more CSV templates. No more headaches.


Unlock hourly workforce management with Scheduling

Add Scheduling to Time & Attendance and build fully compliant schedules that meet your business's needs.

Track employee adherance

Make sure you are always compliant

Manage overtime shifts and more

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Manage time your way

Customize Rippling to your exact time-tracking needs—from creating job codes to designing overtime policies—and then build automations that keep your business compliant and cost-effective.

Overtime Request
Missed Break
Automated Compliance

Avoid costly fines with built-in compliance

Rippling automatically enforces overtime, meal breaks, and other federal, state, and local labor laws based on each employee’s work location. With Rippling, you can rest easy knowing your company is always compliant.

Time Clock

Easy clock-in that can’t be outsmarted

Attendance enforcement features like geolocation restrictions, QR codes, and selfie clock-ins help prevent buddy punching and ensure employees are physically at your worksite when clocking in.

Job Costing

Easily track where employees’ time goes—and what it costs

For employees who need to track their hours across different jobs or other dimensions—like location or customer—Rippling will prompt them to assign their hours to the appropriate job when clocking in or out.

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See Rippling in action

Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.


What is time and attendance software?

Time and attendance (T&A) software is used by businesses to track and manage the working hours of their employees. It automates the process of recording when employees clock-in and out of work as well as any breaks they take during their shifts. The best T&A software also syncs with payroll systems to ensure employees are compensated accurately based on hours worked. 

Why is time tracking important?

Time tracking ensures accurate payroll processing, helps businesses comply with labor laws and regulations, and provides companies a clearer picture on how to manage their resources effectively.

How is Rippling different from other Time & Attendance products?

With Rippling Time & Attendance you can:

  • Fully integrate T&A with other systems—from check-in to pay check: Approved hours sync seamlessly to payroll, and calculations for PTO or any benefits deductions are done automatically in Rippling. No CSV imports, spreadsheets, or headaches.
  • Create automated workflows that give you time back: You can easily build workflows in Rippling to manage your hourly workforce with ease. Manage overtime costs, send managers automated reminders to approve hours, and more with Rippling.
  • Customize policies to manage time your way: Rippling gives you complete control over the rules and logic for time tracking, so you can customize time policies to fit your company's precise needs—from custom pay types to break policies.
  • Avoid costly fines with built-in compliance: Rippling automatically enforces overtime, sick leave, meal break, and other federal, state, and local labor laws, and flags any time cards that are non-compliant to ensure your company is never at risk of financial penalties.
  • Build a check-in experience that can’t be outsmarted: Specify exactly how employees should clock their hours—whether via mobile app, kiosk, or desktop. You can even enforce accurate attendance by restricting check-in to a specific place via geolocation, requiring a selfie when checking in, or creating a touchless check-in experience via QR code.

Can we use Rippling Time & Attendance to track time for international contractors?

Yes—you can use Rippling Time & Attendance to track time for workers who are not paid through Rippling Payroll, including international contractors.

How does Rippling automate compliance with state overtime policies?

Rippling automatically creates overtime policies that are compliant with the state and federal laws of all your employees' work locations. Whenever an employee from a new state is added to an existing time policy, Rippling will automatically create the applicable state overtime policy to ensure you're always in compliance. And if a state or federal labor laws get updated, we will automatically apply those changes across any default policies created by Rippling.

Does Rippling Time & Attendance have a mobile app?

Yes—employees can easily clock in and out through Rippling’s mobile app. Additionally, managers and payroll admins can easily view, edit, add, and approve employee timesheets directly from their mobile devices. Learn more about mobile time tracking in Rippling.