Global Contractor MANAGEMENT

Compliantly pay contractors anywhere in the world

Hire and pay contractors across the globe, enhance your contractor experience, and simplify compliance.

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Send offer letter

Run KYC check

Add to payroll

Grant access to apps

Assign onboarding tasks

Simple Administration

The world-class way to hire, pay, and manage

Hire top talent anywhere in the world. We’ll guide the next steps—from handling locally compliant contracts to intuitive payment processes to managing everything in one place.

Hire anywhere quickly

Onboard in 140+ countries within minutes. Contractors can sign agreements, complete KYC verification, enter payroll details, and get a company email address—all in one flow.

Pay without delay

Automate contractor invoices and approvals so you're always ready to pay contractors on time. Send payments in 50+ currencies without worrying about the complexities of moving money internationally.

Manage in one place

All of your contractors’ workplace needs— time off, time tracking, license provisioning— are centralized within the same quality system as your employees. 


Easy invoices and faster paychecks

A faster payday starts with easy invoice submissions, review, escalations, and approvals. Then, pay contractors in days.

Approvals at super speed

Auto-approve invoices based on approved timecards, contracts, or custom criteria. Speed up manual reviews with visibility into contract details, comments, and more.

Status checks in real-time

Check on pending contracts, know exactly what they’re for, see which ones are paid out, and have a unified view for approvers, HR, finance, and contractors.

Contractor controls

Contractors can come in at any time to check their balance and upcoming payments. This gives contractors control to withdraw on their own terms.

Pay in days

Cross-border payments and currency conversions are time consuming, complex, and tedious. Rippling handles all of that and pays contractors in days, not weeks.


Gain speed and control

When it comes to contractor processes, eliminate manual mistakes with automation you can trust. Rippling protects you from errors, so your work speeds up.

Do less data entry

Generate an invoice for hourly or fixed-rate contractors. You don’t need to spend time uploading hours. Invoices automatically load into payroll.

Get payroll ready on time

Powerful, flexible tools mean pay runs stay on time. Customize approval routing policies, and create workflows to escalate invoice approval reminders.

Put KYC on autopilot

Rippling automatically collects KYC documents from your contractors and handles compliance work, like identity verification.

See Rippling in action

Our experts can show you how Rippling effortlessly onboards and manages your global contractors.


Where can I hire contractors with Rippling?

You can hire contractors in 185+ countries.

What currencies does Rippling support to pay global contractors?

We support over 50 unique currencies.

How long does it take to pay contractors in Rippling?

It typically takes 5-10 minutes to process contractor pay runs in Rippling, including reviewing approvals, data entry, confirming pay amounts, and processing payroll. After pay runs are approved, it typically takes 2-4 days for funds to arrive in a contractor's balance, depending on the bank that funds contractor payroll.

Can contractors submit their own invoices?

Contractors can generate their own invoices, which Rippling automatically routes for appropriate approvals. When Rippling has the information to generate an invoice automatically (like for contract terms of a fixed-rate every month, or hourly contractors who track time using Rippling), Rippling can also auto-generate invoices.