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Easily build schedules that
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Rippling gives you the tools to build fully compliant schedules that meet your business's needs while avoiding common errors.

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Single source of truth

Make smarter scheduling decisions

With direct access to all employee data in Rippling—like pay rates, attendance, and certifications—you can build schedules that meet your labor needs, stay compliant with labor laws, and empower your schedulers.

Create schedules with full context, faster

Compare your schedule to your labor plan to spot where you're understaffed. And with direct access to employee data, you can avoid scheduling employees on leave and only staff those who have completed required trainings.

Stay compliant with global and local labor laws

Avoid legal risks and financial penalties. Rippling keeps every schedule compliant with pre-built policies that automatically track evolving labor laws and regulations.

Give schedulers the right level of control

Empower team members to view, create, modify, or approve schedules. Rippling's role-based permissions use attributes like title or work location to let you fine-tune who can do what.


See how easy it is to schedule in Rippling

Copy and paste shifts

Drag and drop to build schedules

Easily plug breaks into schedules

Add new shifts with one click

Quickly see an employee’s schedule

Easily assign schedule patterns

Schedule Monitoring

Set up automations that ensure efficient staffing

Keep a close eye on attendance

Never let a recurring no-call, no-show employee derail the work day. Receive automatic alerts when workers are frequently coming in late, or missing shifts entirely.

Automate oversight with policies and workflows

Build custom policies and workflows specific to your company's regulations, like creating an alert if an employee picks up too many overnight shifts in one week.

Minimize overtime in your schedules

Has an employee already worked an eight hour shift? Build policies that prevent employees from being scheduled past their overtime limit, keeping costs under control.

Employee Experience

Build schedules that boost retention

Scheduling gives you the tools to create flexible schedules and a happy workforce.

Rippling Mobile App

Let your workforce manage their schedules on the go

With Rippling’s mobile app, employees can conveniently view their schedules, request changes, claim and swap shifts, and request time off.

Shift Swapping

Make swapping shifts easier

Set rules that let your hourly workers swap shifts, allowing them the freedom to modify their schedule—at your discretion.

Employee Choice

Build schedules with employee preferences in mind

Rippling automatically pulls in data from Time Off so you never schedule someone who is unavailable. You can even prompt employees to submit their schedule preferences so you can build an optimal schedule for your business and your team members.


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Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.

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