Bring your book of business into the 21st century

Brokers today can only win with innovative technology and exceptional client service. Rippling gives you both.

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Impress clients with the most intuitive benefits experience

Benefits administration

Rippling brings all your benefits into one system to eliminate data discrepancies and other integration issues.

Fast, guided plan builds that ensure accuracy

Unified overview of all benefits for clients and admins

Powerful custom reporting with built-in templates

Employee experience

Rippling’s My Benefits app brings everything—from medical plans to flex benefits—into a single, easy-to-use hub for employees.

Guided enrollment process in new hire, OE, and QLE flows

Simple, comprehensive view of all active and eligible benefits

Plan details, documents, and links to third-party systems

Native benefits products

Avoid antiquated user experiences with our suite of products built in-house.

Manage Flex Benefits, COBRA, and ACA in one system

One-click app installation

Integrated reporting that provides an overview of benefits data

Eliminate multiple logins and the need to manage integrations

Benefits marketplace

Manage any type of benefit integration in Rippling, including EDI and API integrations with real-time tracking.

Real-time status of all benefits integrations in a unified dashboard

Shoppable library of ACA small group benefits plans

Prebuilt carrier forms library

Task management for coordinating between clients and Rippling

Client command center

Rippling lets you manage all your clients from a single dashboard.

Overview of benefits and payroll for every client

Unified updates, tasks, and tracking for every client

Comprehensive reporting across all clients

Third-Party Integrations

Sync third-party benefits solutions
with Rippling

Clients prefer a different system? They can still use the #1 rated HCM. Rippling integrates with many benefits solutions, like Employee Navigator and Bswift.

Streamlined Operations

Spend less time managing your clients’ systems

Eliminate data entry from the equation

Every system in Rippling is synced, automatically updating your clients’ data across products to reduce errors and manual data entry.

Automate your least favorite processes

Rippling automates the important but tedious work, like automatically sending ACA notices and submitting changes to benefits carriers.

Self-serve with ease

Rippling is easy to use—just like your favorite apps. You and your clients can navigate it intuitively, reducing their need for your support.



Less time spent on open enrollment



headcount savings



savings on HR support costs

Flexible Platform

Meet your clients' needs, today and tomorrow

Rippling has all the HR and benefits services your clients need, no matter their size. Best of all, they can easily transition between these solutions—without the pain of reimplementation.

Ben Admin



Less than 200 employees

200+ employees

1,000+ employees


Boost your revenue while
serving your clients

We’re invested in your business, going the extra mile to help you beat the competition. Here are some of the ways Rippling helps brokers grow.

Up to


Referral bonus

Up to

$55/ enrolled employee

PEO referral payment

Free Rippling benefits administration for your referred clients

Broker and client services

Get premium support with 
a personal touch

Rippling offers one-of-a-kind support for your clients and is the only system that lets you instantly connect with our experts over Zoom.

What you get

Dedicated Partner Success Manager available to your team

Free plan builds for referred clients at implementation and renewal

What referred clients get

Bulletproof implementation

We ensure success by assigning tenured implementation managers to your clients.

Benefits integration specialists

Your clients receive personalized end-to-end benefits setups and post-production support.

Dedicated account managers

We assign experts who are exclusively focused on strategically supporting your clients’ business.


Transform your clients’ business for the better

With Rippling, companies can seamlessly run their global operations on a platform that unifies their HR, benefits, IT, and spend in one place.

Partner with us

Rippling is a unified platform that can help your business streamline operations while servicing your clients—no matter their size.