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Compliance is at Rippling’s core

Compliance has been hardwired into Rippling’s DNA from day one. We’ve worked with industry experts and legal advisers to design a cutting-edge compliance infrastructure. We instituted an Insurance and Regulatory Committee to provide enhanced and exclusive oversight over our licensed subsidiaries, Rippling Insurance Services, Inc., Rippling PEO 1, Inc., and Rippling Payments, Inc., and their activities. Rippling is a company we can all be proud to work for, and we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure every part of our business stays compliant by implementing redundant controls and safeguards. Here you’ll find all our up-to-date licensing information.

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We ensure Rippling meets industry-standard compliance.

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Our payroll services include robust, fully compliant security controls.

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Like many other companies in our industry, Rippling maintains a separate insurance subsidiary that’s fully licensed to sell insurance across the United States. That subsidiary is called Rippling Insurance Services, Inc. (formerly known as Waveling Insurance Services, Inc.).

Every member of our team who sells insurance is also properly licensed—their licensing information is available here and it’s updated daily. While selling insurance is a small part of Rippling’s overall business, we strictly maintain the integrity of licensed insurance activities by separating them from the rest of the business. Our business structure—a fully licensed insurance agency subsidiary of a parent company that has non-insurance operations—is considered a best practice in our industry.

Among other things, our business structure makes it easier to ensure the integrity of licensed activities, and to make sure that individuals transacting insurance are licensed personnel. To that end, Rippling Insurance Services has its own management team who report to Rippling's Insurance and Regulatory Committee. Rippling Insurance Services, Inc. and its president are fully licensed in all 50 states and D.C., although we only broker insurance products in only 34 states. That means our insurance entity has been licensed by each and every state insurance regulatory agency.


Rippling PEO and EOR enables customers to provide their domestic and global workforce with access to better, more affordable benefits and comprehensive HR services. Rippling PEO (legally known as Rippling PEO 1, Inc.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary and maintains all required licenses and surety bonding to support and ensure the reliability of its PEO operations. Rippling EOR refers to a collection of wholly-owned subsidiaries and partners, who maintain required licenses and financial backing to act as the legal employer for global teams.

While the rules governing PEOs and EORs are unique and complex, both Rippling PEO and Rippling EOR stay ahead of the curve by participating in leading industry groups like the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), Global Employment Innovation Organization (GEIO), building in-house technology to automate compliance notices across the United States, and working with trusted PEO and EOR leaders and advisors with decades of experience in the PEO and EOR industries.


Ensuring the integrity of our global payroll and payments platform is of paramount importance.

Rippling maintains a robust anti-money laundering program incorporating automated transaction monitoring and other controls to detect, prevent and report suspicious activity and meet relevant regulatory requirements. As part of this program, Rippling utilizes automated sanctions screening to prevent terrorist financing through our platform and enhanced due diligence procedures to meet Know Your Customer requirements.

Rippling is also committed to robust fraud detection and risk mitigation to ensure a safe and healthy financial ecosystem. Specifically, Rippling has developed a prevention, detection, and investigation program to identify and control credit, fraud, and operational risks and protect our customers, their employees, and our partners from bad actors.

As part of Rippling's ongoing efforts to enhance its payments program, Rippling affiliates are seeking money transmitter licensing, e-money licensing, and other similar licensing in various countries where Rippling offers payroll and payment services.  Once authorization is obtained, these licensed entities will further enhance Rippling’s ability to deliver robust and compliant payroll and payment services across the globe.  Rippling’s licensed affiliates maintain their own management teams, which report to Rippling's Insurance and Regulatory Committee. A current list of licenses held by Rippling affiliates can be found here.


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As of 5/14/2023