Hire on all cylinders 

The first ATS that lets everyone—from recruiters and hiring managers to department heads—hire more efficiently. 

Recruiting Overview

Turn your entire org into a hiring machine

Align recruiting with every team

Sync your ATS with every other application to automate changes and eliminate discrepancies in your data.

Build a repeatable process

Let every team customize their hiring process while safeguarding your data’s integrity—and your employees’ time.

Unlock the recruiter in everyone

Department heads, hiring managers, and recruiters all get automatic access to the data and tools they need.

Go beyond basic reporting

Build powerful, custom reports that tie your hiring efforts to every other step of the employee lifecycle.


Build a repeatable hiring process for every team

Customize the interview process for every role

Choose from pre-built pipeline templates, or create custom interview stages that map to company wide milestones—without creating noise in your data.

Schedule interviews within Rippling

Request candidate availability with the click of a button, then schedule your interviews using Rippling’s built-in calendar.

Capture high-quality feedback

Customize your forms with structured feedback types, so you can evaluate candidates fairly and get measurable insights.

Take the work out of managing interview panels

Build interview groups with attributes like team and tenure to find the right interviewers, replace double-booked ones, and avoid process bottlenecks.


Unlock the recruiter in everyone


Control what each role can see and do


Give everyone a personalized command center


Take a data-driven approach to recruiting


Everything you need to win talent

Employee referral management

Ripping can generate referral links, notify you when an employee has satisfied their requirements for a referral bonus, and pay bonuses out via Payroll.

Branded careers page

Amplify your brand to candidates with a careers page customized with your company’s logo.

Pay transparency compliance

Rippling can pull pay ranges from Compensation Bands and insert them in postings, so you’re always compliant with pay transparency laws.

Custom candidate outreach

Build custom emails for every stage of your pipeline, using our template library. Rippling personalizes email communications for candidates automatically.

Two-way interview scheduling

When you request a candidate’s availability, Rippling collects time slots and then let you cross-reference them against your interviewers’ calendars.

Candidate tagging

Categorize applicants into groups using custom tags. This lets everyone quickly search for and sort candidates using your company’s shorthand.

Candidate experience surveys

Automatically survey candidates at any stage of the interview process. Trigger surveys based off of role details, like department, location, and more.

Confidential job requisitions

For sensitive hires, Rippling lets you create job reqs that are only visible to a select group of employees.

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Integrate Recruiting with your favorite apps

Choose from all the apps you love, like Zoom, Gem, BrightHire, and HackerRank.

Post to a network of up to 25,000 free job boards in minutes

Integrate with all the top paid and free job boards to instantly post open reqs.

Frequently asked questions

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that allows organizations to manage the hiring process. It is used to streamline the recruitment process by managing job postings, tracking applications, and facilitating communication between employers and candidates.

How does an ATS work?

An ATS manages the hiring process, including job postings, candidate tracking, and communication with candidates. The system also provides tools for managing the recruitment process, such as scheduling interviews, sending automated emails, and tracking the progress of candidates through the hiring process.

See Rippling in action

Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.