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Businesses harness Rippling to run their workforce more efficiently, eliminating administrative friction and empowering their employees. These are their stories.

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“ I came into a company that was incredibly manual and Rippling has enabled me to turn that formerly manual process into a very fine tune machine.

Jess Hazzlet Vice President of People

“ With Rippling, we saw an immediate cost benefit, a great user experience, but we also saw a platform that we could grow with because it's also growing in its offerings.

Jenn Perea People Business Partner

“ With Rippling it's taking a lot of the stuff that I used to do manually, now thats automated through Rippling.

Sarah Kulhanek Sr. People Operations Specialist

“ Rippling kind of removed that human error and adds that really personal touch.

Cassandra Margolin Head of People

“ Rippling is the main way that we're able to automate things. So from workflow automation to onboarding and off boarding, I couldn't do any of that without Rippling.

EM Spakauskas People Operations Manager







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