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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Build permission profiles that give people the right power

Define scope

Scope is the people whose data a permission profile has some access to. It could be a reporting line or an entire department.

Control access

Access governs the different types of data a permission profile has about the people in its scope, usually tied to a specific app, like Payroll.

Select actions

Actions describe what a permission profile can do with the data in its scope—like view, edit, and approve—in the apps it has access to.


A more secure, flexible way to permission

Automatically assign permission profiles with Supergroups. Supergroups are dynamic membership lists built using attributes like level or location. As an employee’s attributes change, their permissions update—sharing data securely and efficiently.


Empower people to do more than “view”

Rippling grants access to data, not views. As a result, managers, HR business partners, and leaders can take action with data in their scope, building custom workflows, running their own reports, and more.



Escalate only the most important approvals

Hire. Provision apps. Approve expenses. You set the rules for who can make and approve requests, under what circumstances, so small changes sail through while big-ticket items are flagged for review.


Automatically route requests to the right approvers

Rippling routes approvals based on employee attributes, like tenure and department. That means requests will continue to reach the right person—even as your org evolves.


Design any approval chain, no matter how complex

Build approval chains that respond to the dynamics of your business. Rippling supports multi-approver logic and can handle complex situations, like re-routing a request if its primary approver is on vacation.


Changing people’s role changes their permissions automatically

Permission profiles are attached to attributes, not people. When someone's permissions are about to change, you'll see what they're gaining—and losing—access to.

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Frequently asked questions

What are permissions?

Permissions are a way of controlling what individual users can see and do within a software system

What are permission profiles?

Permission profiles allow you to build a configuration of permissions that can be attached to different users. In most systems, permission profiles have to be individually assigned to users, saving you only from the manual work of rebuilding a profile. In Rippling, permission profiles are attached to specific employee attributes, like level or department. As employees get promoted, move teams, or experience other changes, their permissions will dynamically update, so you don’t have to perform any manual work.

What is approval management?

Approval management is the process by which a business’s change requests—like new hires or time-off requests—are routed for approval.

What is an approval workflow?

An approval workflow is an automation that uses custom logic to decide whether to automatically approve a change request or flag it for additional approval. In some systems, you can customize approval workflows to include multiple approvers and even define whether the workflow needs multiple approvers or just one.

How do you create an approval process?

In Rippling, most approval processes can be managed in the Approvals app, though some approval logic can also be built in Workflow Studio.

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