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No personal credit checks or guarantees required.

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating

Issue corporate cards to employees in a blink

With Rippling, you can issue branded corporate cards to your team, control their spend, and reconcile expenses with nearly zero effort.

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No other card can automatically control spend like this 

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What are the eligibility requirements?

Rippling Corporate Card is available to all registered legal entities with the exception of sole proprietorships. Businesses must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN), cannot operate in a restricted industry and must be a Rippling payroll customer.

Potential customers can apply for Corporate Card prior to becoming a Rippling payroll customer but must implement payroll prior to installing Rippling Corporate Card.

Meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee that your application for a Corporate Card will be approved or that credit of any particular limit will be extended to you.

What are the payment terms?

Rippling Corporate Card currently offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment terms depending on the risk profile of your business. At the end of your payment term, your Corporate Card expenses are consolidated into one payment that is deducted automatically from your linked account. You do have the ability to pay off your balance prior to the end of the term.

Do you require a credit check or personal guarantee?  Do you require credit life or accident and health insurance?

Rippling Corporate Card does not require a personal credit score check and your credit score will not be affected.

Rippling Corporate Card does not require a personal guarantee.

How do you determine a company’s credit limit?

Rippling offers credit limits based on the size and health of your business, as determined by the company’s financial information and bank statement balances. As part of its process, Rippling evaluates a company’s available cash, spending patterns and history with Rippling amongst other factors to dynamically determine a credit limit for your business.

Companies can appeal for a larger credit limit than initially offered, and may be required to include additional information for Rippling to make a decision to grant the request.

How do we accrue points?

Rippling offers best-in-class point multipliers based on the merchant category for each transaction. For each dollar spent, 1 point is earned and there are point multipliers for specific merchant categories:

Points can be redeemed for statement credit on an upcoming Rippling Corporate Card statement. Please note that certain transaction-types may be exempt from earning points.

Are there any fees?

Rippling Corporate Card does not charge any fees or interest on your card for transactions denominated in U.S. Dollars placed with merchants in the United States.  Transactions denominated in foreign currencies and/or placed with merchants abroad are subject to fees charged by Rippling or its partners and vendors, as detailed in the Corporate Card Agreement.

Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law License.

NMLS Company Identification 1931820.

The Rippling Corporate Card is issued by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa®️ U.S.A. Inc.

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