Know how employees feel at every juncture

4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Turn employee responses into meaningful action—fast

Build and send any survey in minutes

Quickly set up any employee survey and select the right audience for it.

Trigger surveys based on events

Automatically send surveys based on events that happen within your organization.

Trigger actions based on surveys

Automatically trigger notifications and workflows based on survey responses.

Spot more trends with unified analytics

Uncover trends easily in survey results by drilling down into employee data.


Build any type of survey in minutes

Choose from our library of survey templates or create your own. Then send a survey to the whole team or to a carefully curated group.

Build your survey

Assign survey admins

Select your audience


Quickly collect responses with trusted templates

Build a happier, more productive workforce


Fix problems before high performers leave

Don’t let problems fester. Flag dissatisfaction early and use workflows to keep things moving in the right direction.


Improve onboarding, recruiting, and more

Workflows in Rippling let you continuously monitor and improve your processes and culture—without needing to remember to.


Create a fair and equitable workplace

It can be hard to collect meaningful DEI feedback. Use survey features like anonymized responses to spark change.

unified analytics

Uncover trends by blending survey data with employee data

Filtering by employee attributes—like compensation or gender—can lend greater clarity to survey results.


Right people. Right survey. Right time.

Trigger surveys based on any event in your organization, so you can capture feedback on your culture and processes at the right time.

Exit Survey

Onboarding Survey

Device Performance Survey

Candidate Experience

Multi-step workflows

Trigger actions based on responses

Trigger notifications and workflows based on the survey responses that your employees choose.


Enable managers to survey their teams on whichever topic, whenever they like

Control who can run surveys

You only have to set permissions once. Define which roles can start and own surveys. Rippling maintains permissions—even as people move in and out of roles.

Manage who can see results

Access privileges might be relevant in some cases—but not in others. Define who gets to view what, so employees only see results that matter to them.

Frequently asked questions

What is an employee satisfaction survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is a tool used by organizations to measure the contentment and engagement levels of their employees. It typically consists of a series of questions that cover various aspects of the work environment, including company vision, values, manager effectiveness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee support, professional development, leadership, and company strategy.

How do you build an employee survey?

There are many tools for building employee surveys. Some of these are generic survey tools while others are purposely designed for surveying employees. Their functionality for audience selection and configuring questions varies. In Rippling, you can easily build a survey for any occasion, selecting who should receive and what kinds of questions it will include. You can even program surveys to trigger in response to events, like onboarding.

What are good employee survey questions?

Employee survey questions can cover various topics, but in general a good employee survey question is easy for its respondents to understand, designed to solicit actionable feedback, and phrased neutrally. To collect the most useful feedback, you should have a mix of close-ended questions and open-ended questions.

Why should you use employee survey tools?

Regularly soliciting feedback from employees is the best way to improve your processes and company culture, so your business can be more efficient and retain its top performers. Employee survey tools provide a helpful framework for collecting feedback in a repeatable, actionable way.

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